We believe there is no such thing as a routine procedure. Every patient is unique, so we collaborate closely with your medical team to offer individualised care. It is all part of our commitment to seeing the bigger picture.

Fees and billing

Berera Radiology’s fees reflect our commitment to seeing the bigger picture. We believe state of the art technology and individualised care should be available to everyone. To ease the pressure of potentially unexpected expenses, our staff will clearly communicate the cost of your requested service at the time of booking.

Bulk Billed Services

Bulk billing is currently available for all patients having an X-ray, Ultrasound or CT.

Bulk billing refers to situations when there is ‘no gap’. The patient is not required to pay ‘out of pocket’ because Berera Radiology is able to accept their Medicare benefit as full payment for the requested service.

MAIB, Work Cover and Private Insurance

We will gladly provide services once the pre-certification authority has been provided by these third-party insurers.


All accounts are to be settled on the day that the requested service is provided. We accept all major credit cards or cash. Personal cheques are not accepted.


Every person has their own story, pressures and priorities. At Berera Radiology, we embrace this individuality with open arms. We see the importance of placing the focus on more personalised care, by collaborating closely with each patient’s medical team. It’s what sets us apart from the way radiology has been managed in the past and why we’d like you to refer your patients to us. Together we can create the best possible outcomes for everyone involved. It is all part of our commitment to seeing the bigger picture.