Realising our referrers have different preferences has led to our collaborative model of patient care. We will work together to predict, intervene or eliminate the cause of your patient’s medical condition as quickly as possible. It is all part of our commitment to seeing the bigger picture.

Our Technology


Siemens MAGNETOM Skyra

Where patient comfort meets 3T image quality. The most powerful commercially available MRI – 3T for uncompromising image quality. Open wide bore (70cm) MRI to reduce claustrophobia and assist with overall patient well-being. Spacious MRI cabin environment with high LED backlit sky ceiling, optimised for patient comfort. Innovative TIM 4G and Dot technology provides fast and personalised scans tailored to patient specific needs.

Siemens ACUSON S2000 Ultrasound

High performance ultrasound system with a dedicated focus on general imaging. High definition transducer technology that delivers exceptional contrast resolution for sharper images and detail of smaller parts, ideal for body and MSK imaging. Qualitative or quantitative sheer wave tissue assessment (elastography), ideal for tendon assessment.


Siemens SOMATOM Definition Flash

Flash Speed. Lowest Dose. Tasmania’s only dual energy and dual source CT scanner. Split second imaging, unrivalled image quality with significant radiation dose reduction for patients on all scans. Dual source automatically provides a second contrast for soft tissue characterisation, for optimum patient diagnosis without an extra dose. Additional software (X-CARE) further protects individual organs and the most radiation sensitive body regions by accurately and efficiently minimising exposure. State of the art CT Cardiac imaging, and lowest dose cardiac imaging, allows assessment of all equipment with reduced requirement.

Shimadzu RADspeed Pro Auto

High performance, fully automatic digital x-ray machine to minimise need for patient repositioning and improve care, while at the same time achieving dose reductions.


Every person has their own story, pressures and priorities. At Berera Radiology, we embrace this individuality with open arms. We see the importance of placing the focus on more personalised care, by collaborating closely with each patient’s medical team. It’s what sets us apart from the way radiology has been managed in the past and why we’d like you to refer your patients to us. Together we can create the best possible outcomes for everyone involved. It is all part of our commitment to seeing the bigger picture.